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Let's Write Book 6

SKU 9789814107464

Let's Write is a series of six books to help students improve their writing, an area many learners are weak in. Each book contains a variety of exercises grouped into six sections:

  • GRAMMAR REVIEW covers the essential grammatical items and provides practice in using them correctly.
  • VOCABULARY provides word building exercises.
  • READING & UNDERSTANDING provides comprehension exercises based on different text types.
  • EDITING PRACTICE focuses on checking and editing written texts.
  • GETTING READY TO WRITE describes sentence types and provides practice in mind mapping, punctuation, and writing sentences and paragraphs.
  • WRITING provides practice in drafting and writing fiction and non-fiction texts.

Students need to understand fully and develop skills in all these areas. It is hoped that through working on the activities in the books, students will improve their writing for different purposes and audiences.

Let's Write may be used independently or alongside other English course books for the teaching of writing skills.