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Poppy Love: All that Jazz!

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Number Of Pages:  80

Languages: English

Poppy Love loves to dance! Book eight of this delightful series comprises four further stories about Poppy Love, aspiring ballroom dancer, and her partner, Zack Bishop, who live in Brighton and attend the Blue Horizon Dance Studio.

It's the start of summer and though school has broken up, Poppy and Zack are attending summer school. As well as tap dancing and doing the cha-cha-cha, the children learn jazz dance, which is unlike anything Poppy has ever done before. She is so caught up in it all that she nearly forgets her birthday - and is in for a big surprise! When Poppy and her family go on holiday to France, Poppy and her brother, Tom, make friends with two children their age, Fabian and Josette. Josette teaches Poppy some new dances - and Poppy ends up doing a performance in the town square!