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Fortnite Battle Hacks

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Fortnite: Battle Royale Hacks: Mobileoffers a comprehensive introduction to playing this massively multiplayer, online-based game while on-the-go from a smartphone or tablet. For example, it focuses on customizing the game controls using the Customizable HUD (Head-Up Display) interface and discuss the pros and cons of using a Cellular Data Connection versus a Wi-Fi Internet connection when playing.

Each section of this unofficial strategy guide covers a different aspect of the game play experience. The book contains hundreds of full-color screenshots taken using an iPhone and iPad, and potentially Android-based devices as well.

Targeted to readers age 8 and up, Fortnite: Battle Royale Hacks for Mobile will be a full-color, unofficial strategy guide that will focus on:

The intricacies of playing Fortnite: Battle Royale on a smartphone or tablet.

How to download and install the game and set up an Epic Games account to start playing for free.

How to customize the on-screen controls using the Customizable HUD that's exclusive to the mobile version of the game.

How to customize a character's appearance.

Getting acquainted with the game play modes.

Tips and strategies for choosing the ideal landing location; exploration; building; gathering resources; finding and collecting loot; managing a character's inventory; finding, choosing and using weapons; perfecting weapon aim; avoiding the storm; and winning matches.

Because Fortnite: Battle Royale never offers the same play experience twice (since how the action unfolds depends heavily on the actions of the other 99 human players also on the island), this unofficial guide will teach players to adapt their offensive and defensive fighting strategies as needed to dramatically increase their chance of survival during each and every action-packed battle, regardless of where on the island a battle is taking place.

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