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The Magic Kitten:Princess Party

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Number Of Pages:  112 

Languages: English

When Cuddle the kitten comes to play, magic is never far away!Get lost in a world of adorable kitten adventures with these gorgeous animal stories - perfect for young readers. Whenever Cuddle the cutest kitten appears, a sparkle of her kitten magic takes best friends Olivia and Grace on amazing explorations. In Princess Party Sleepover, Cuddle takes Olivia and Grace on a royal adventure to a magical masked ball. With kitten magic, will the best friends be able to persuade a young princess to go to the ball and make her parents proud? Each title in the Cuddle series features adorable black and white drawings, supporting reading comprehension and ensuring children will smile from ear-to-ear as they read! The perfect series for animal lovers aged six and up.Author Hayley Daze (the pen name of best-selling author Jane Clarke) is the winner of the Nottingham Children's Book Award and has sold one million copies worldwide with her book series Dinosaur Cove, written under her other author name Rex Stone. Don't miss Cuddle's other adventures! Book 1: Magical Friends Book 2: Superstar Dreams  Book 4: School of Spells 

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