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Oxford Reading Circle Book 7

SKU 9780195978780
It is a graded series of nine Literature Readers designed for pupils of Kindergarten to class eight. This rich treasure trove of literary works contains a representative selection of international literature from all over the world. Classical and contemporary prose and poetry pieces of some of the most highly regarded authors in the world feature in these Readers. Great care has been taken to present themes that are value-based and environment-friendly as well as those that have elements of adventure, heroism and romance that can stimulate the child’s imagination. There is special emphasis on the following features: Phonics and Spelling: The Primer and Books 1 and 2 contain drills that aid pronunciation and spelling. Comprehension: A variety of exercises have been included to test factual recall and inferential understanding. Vocabulary: Exercises have been designed to enhance the pupil’s language skills and word power. A fun approach has been adopted to deal with words and what can be done with them. Extension: Tasks have been designed for extended classroom discussion and debate as also for project work. Glossaries: While word lists accompany the Primer and Books 1 and 2, the rest of the Readers contain extensive glossaries. Poetry: Books 3-8 carry notes on poets along with explanations and drills of poetry structures