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Kids Story 3D Emperor

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Attracts young readers to reading, enhances their linguistic wealth, and motivates character growth.The series aims to deeply root the most important principles and values needed by young readers in their daily lives, such as honesty, audacity, patience, and self-confidence. It helps them figure out how to make better choices in addition to developing their reading skills.How so? Through a 3D scene where the characters in the story emerge in an entertaining way that attracts them and bestows a lively touch on the events of the story.
7 diverse stories:Pinocchio ñBe honest and avoid lyingîThe Rabbit and the Turtle ñperseverance is the key to successîThe Ugly Duckling ñAlways be confidentîThe EmperorÍs Gown ñBe smart and donÍt believe all whatÍs saidîLittle Riding Hood ñDonÍt talk to strangersîThe Snowman ñSacrifice is the pillar of friendshipîWhereÍs our mother ñAsk to learn and knowî

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