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Building Left Brain Power

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Mental exercises and strategies to stimulate positive emotions and improve your problem-solving abilities. David Gamon, PH.D. & Allen D. Bragdon, authors of Learn Faster & Remember More. Current research reveals that using the left side of the brain creates a sense of well-being, stimulates positive emotions and increases energy. The exercises in this book are based on the latest neuroscientific research and they are also cleverly designed, fun and will engage your creativity. Fourteen fascinating puzzle formats exercise the brain circuits that you use to cope with real-world challenges. Each of the 104 puzzle exercises is graded from easy to advanced, and has advice on how to get started and optional hints to guide readers toward a satisfying solution. In addition, there are 87 "brain bites" - tips on how you can speed your learning and commit more information to memory. Many of these findings have never before been made available to the public in nontechnical terms.

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